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Kadant Paal Service Team

Our local Kadant PAAL team is always available to provide technical support and advice. Technical support could mean having to log in to your PAAL baler remotely, it could mean troubleshooting an issue over the telephone, or support may require a site visit by one of our service engineers. Whatever the situation, we are committed to providing effective, reliable service support to each of our customers.

All specialized Kadant PAAL Service Engineers are trained intensively at the headquarters in Osnabrück, Germany. Thanks to this training they can install and commission any Kadant PAAL machine and carry out in-depth training of the customer’s operational team. This is the best way to maximize the benefits of a Kadant PAAL high performance baling press.

Kadant PAAL’s network covers all countries in which the group is active. This way the service technicians on site will always speak the customer’s language. Many customers have learned that using their local Kadant PAAL team for routine service inspection and maintenance maximizes their baler’s productivity and minimizes their long-term operating costs.

Spare Parts

With the four main branches in Europe and various bases worldwide, Kadant PAAL pursues a strategy of keeping close to our customers to be able to supply any necessary spare parts as quickly as possible.

As standard, the documentation of a Kadant PAAL machine includes comprehensive lists of parts subject to wear and spare parts and exploded assembly drawings – visit our online shop to find any spares that you may need.


Through our PAALconnect app our customers have immediate access to all relevant performance and operational data from the baler.

The PAALconnect application allows Kadant PAAL customers to access real time production details including the material currently being baled. In addition, production reports can be set up to show the production output by material type over a specified period of time in both graphical and tabular form. Furthermore, PAALconnect provides maintenance prompts based on machine cycles and the user can see if the machine is non-operational and whether there are any warning messages or alarms.


Our remote service support (RSS) system allows our technical experts to connect remotely to the baler. Our technical experts will be able to interrogate the machine to identify the causes of any faults, alarms, or performance issues. Settings can be remotely changed, and software updates can be remotely installed in order to improve baler performance.

Our RSS uses the Talk2M program, which provides a secure industrial connectivity service in the cloud via VPN. With servers spread all over the world, Talk2M offers a highly reliable, efficient, and secure solution for connecting to machines remotely.


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