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Until now, bale identification and traceability has relied upon an inefficient, unreliable, and manual process. The new, patented BALEiD by PAAL system is set to revolutionize the industry. 

By developing a process that automatically and 100% securely attaches a label (containing a unique RFID chip) to each bale, BALEiD by PAAL suddenly opens up a world of opportunities. Providing bales with a unique RFID tag and reference enables material to be traced and controlled. If this data is saved in the cloud, other parties in the recycling chain could have access rights to the data that is relevant to them.

logo BALEiD


  • Acquisition of movement data from RFID readers

  • Aggregation of data and storage of defined events in a MS SQL database

  • Storage of all transaction data in a NoSQL MongoDB cluster

  • Real-time management dashboard

  • Status data and throughput times

  • Escalation mechanisms


  • Process transparency

  • Optimisation of process flows

  • Reduction in search effort

  • Automation of processes

  • Ensures traceability

  • Realtime data management

  • Status data and throughput times

  • Automation of inventory

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