Balers and conveyors for every application.

Established designs tried and tested in thousands of installations. Robust construction combined with the latest cutting-edge technology – Kadant PAAL: where tradition meets technology.


For more than 150 years, our robust and advanced designs have delivered unrivalled performance and reliability at the lowest possible cost of ownership.


Kadant PAAL’s chain conveyor is characterized by its stable construction and is well suited for transporting all types of press material.

Additional Equipment

Kadant PAAL’s free standing tippers are ideal for safely emptying containers of any size into an open bin, conveyor system, or machine hopper. In addition, Kadant Paal also offers refurbished, secondhand DICOM vertical balers, static compactors, and portable compactors.

Why Kadant PAAL


Kadant PAAL concentrates on developing and manufacturing high-performance baling presses presses and compaction equipment of the highest quality. The focus on quality and reliability within Kadant PAAL takes high priority at every stage of the production process from development to assembly. The high performance and long service lives of our products, as well as their high levels of availability at low running costs, help our customers to be extremely competitive in their markets.

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Kadant PAAL is committed to providing effective, reliable service support to its customers.

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