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PAC Series Baler

PAC Series
Kadant PAAL’s PAC baler is a semi-automatic, closed end baler with manual horizontal tying.

The PAAL PAC series of balers is designed to process a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, PET bottles, foam, aluminium cans, and much more. The PAC series includes a vertical sliding door that is designed for manual strapping of the bales with wire in a horizontal direction.

The PAC has a small footprint due to the vertical, hydraulically operated door, but still incorporates full bale ejection (very long ram stroke). The ejection of the finished bales is made easy with full bale ejection rather than machines with only partial ejection. With the choice of hopper designs and motor sizes and with a wide range of other options, the PAC series machines represent great value for the money but with the capacity to process sufficient volumes/tonnages.


  • Low space requirement due to compact construction and portcullis ejection door
  • High bale weights by compaction against the closed ejection door
  • Easy operation and simplified maintenance thanks to Siemens S7 controls
  • Hydraulically operated tunnel door for easy bale ejection


  • Small footprint
  • Easy ejection of finished bales

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